GOA’s Larry Pratt Testifies For Ohio Constitutional Carry

Apparently this slipped through the newswire:

On June 20, the Ohio House held the third hearing on Representative Ron Hood’s Constitutional Carry Bill H.B. 201.

At this meeting proponents and opposition talked about what they thought of Constitutional Carry in Ohio.

Via OhioGunOwners.org Director Chris Dorr:

There were several gun bills on the docket Tuesday, with various sponsor and proponent testimonies scheduled for them.


Right on cue, Michael Bloomberg’s Ohio chapter of Moms Demand Action showed up in their red costumes, waiting to offer their opponent testimony to H.B. 201.


It was what you’d expect from a bunch of rather frumpy looking “moms.”


They claimed there will be blood in the streets, that innocent kids will die, and that the sky will fall down on every school playground in Ohio at the exact same time.


I would’ve laughed out loud several times if I thought they actually believed what they said!


But as state after state passes Constitutional Carry, nobody can claim otherwise that more guns in the hands of everyday Americans is a huge benefit to public safety!


So when Moms Demand Action took the stand to twist the truth and manipulate the facts to reinforce their radical, leftist agenda, it nearly made us sick.

That’s when the good news came in:

But it didn’t last for long.


That’s because the next testifier to take the stand in FAVOR of our bill was Mr. Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America!


Long a friend of Ohio Gun Owners and Representative Hood, Mr. Pratt is legendary for destroying anti-gun news personalities from MSNBC and hosts like Piers Morgan.


Needless to say, Mr. Pratt answered all of their questions splendidly and did Constitutional Carry supporters a great service to the members of the Federalism Committee!

constitutionalSo what is the next step? OGA Director Chris Dorr stated in the same article on OGA’s website that we must insist to get H.B. 201 out of the House Federalism Committee and onto the floor for a full vote. You can help make this happen.

From OhioGunOwners.org:

What’s Next

Yesterday’s [June 20] hearing constituted the third hearing on H.B. 201, clearing the path forward to make our next step.

And now it’s time to get Constitutional Carry voted OUT of the committee and sent to the floor for a full vote – before summer break!

Action ALERT

I know we’ve been asking a lot of you lately.

But after coming this far, now isn’t the time to back down!

So please take a moment right now to contact Chair Kristina Roegner and Vice-Chair Scott Lipps and urge them to schedule the vote on H.B. 201 in the Federalism Committee!


➜➜ Chair Kristina Roegner
email: rep37@ohiohouse.gov
Phone: 614.466.1177
Facebook: Here

➜➜ Vice-Chair Scott Lipps
Email: rep62@ohiohouse.gov
Phone: 614.644.6023
Facebook: Here

Your message is simple.

Tell them now that the third hearing on H.B. 201 is over, it is time to schedule and hold the vote and pass it out of committee and send it to the House for a full floor vote!

As Mr. Pratt testified yesterday, Constitutional Carry empowers common people to take the uncommon action of defending themselves against thugs and scumbags.

It has already proven to increase public safety in the thirteen states that already have it.

It’s time to make Ohio the next Constitutional Carry state, so please take just a few quick moments to contact the offices of the Federalism Committee leadership today!


Let’s get Constitutional Carry in Ohio in 2017!!!!

Visit: https://www.ohiogunowners.org/





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