Ohio Medical Marijuana Makes Locals Wary With Moratoria–The Drug War Isn’t Working

J.C. Merak, 6/29/2017

It isn’t much of a wonder about people, especially politicians like local council members and county commissioners that block making moves in allowing the set-up and operation of grow facilities, even dispensaries, when for such a very long time–as far as anyone can remember–that so many have been vehemently opposed to the growth and use of, well, a plant.

A plant called marijuana which produces cannabidiol and THC, both elements that can be beneficial to people for a multitude of reasons–and it doesn’t end with its now widely recognized medicinal use. As Colorado and Washington state have both realized, they’ve legalized the recreational use of marijuana and people are seeing the doors open on the idiocracy of pot laws.

These drugs laws even go so far as to regulate growing hemp, one of the most versatile plants in the world, which contain negligible to no amount of THC, the actual regulated compound in cannabis. It’s just plain ridiculous.

Considering God’s creation has been around longer than governments have been around to regulate what is natural and good in this world, it makes little sense that we have these onerous and tyrannical laws on the books, that, in turn create black markets and ensure millions (if not billions) of dollars go to a nationwide police state, drugs and human trafficking.

This is one area that most people haven’t seen the light on, mainly due to the zeal with which those of all backgrounds (left, right, middle, conservative, socialist, etc.) love Big Government. Big Government is the bread and butter of writing laws that suit big business and big corporations that screw over the little guy at all levels. Did I mention it suits the state? And private corrections companies? See this, this, this, and this.

Whether it is the laws governing drugs, which apparently don’t work, or people simply trying to make a buck but soon find out that no matter what you do, government is there to take and take and take.

Locally, there exists an air, I have little doubt, with politicians and the police on their staunch and wrongful do-good attitude of fighting the drug war that they’re wont to give up easily, probably for fear of looking like wishy-washy “officials” wavering in their so-called “good fight.” But they’ll have to give it up one of these days because freedom must prevail, and freedom demands those who will defend it and not counter the people’s will.

One only has to look at the evidence available and understand the simple argument made right here: That marijuana is natural, and that which is natural ought not to be regulated, and its use, both medically and recreationally, have been recognized for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The only reason to not allow drugs use (marijuana, alcohol or anything) is for the state to have control and make big corporations money. It’s not about safety or saving the kids. That argument is old and a farce. It’s that simple.

If we’re worried about epidemic use of bad chemical drugs that people are resorting to because they arent able to get their hands on the “safer” drugs that don’t kill you after a one time use, then we must face the truth that this world is dangerous, and no matter what choices people make to put whatever compounds they like into their body, they must be willing to face the consequences.

Not because they’ll be dragged off to prison. This isn’t a police matter. This is a health matter.

We must be willing to face the fact that people have substance abuse problems that pertain to their personal health and that taking them to prison for possession, selling, or using a plant or something far, far worse like synthetic methanphetamines, is their problem–it is not the state’s right or obligation to protect one from oneself. That person either faces the consequences or they seek out help. Family and friends might be able help.  And sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

One Ohio legislator has a harsh, scary, but realistic idea on this problem. Face the consequence and let them die. Read more here. The idea is that, after three strikes, one must realize that if they get a 911 call asking for help because someone’s overdosed, they won’t be sending an ambulance out. The position is that the person OD’ing made a choice. A bad one that they have to live with.

If one were to confront this idea existing, where they won’t be getting help, they might just think twice about what they’re doing–but either way, you shouldn’t be going to jail for consuming.

To be honest, we live in a messed up world. Yet, we can always make it a little bit better by realizing human potential. For that to happen, however, we must see that the state is taking our freedom away from us because a sociopathic class of elite globalists choose to control the masses with an incarceration system that benefits them, and compartmentalizes drug users into a herd that can be culled. It is happening now.

At the local level, we have the option to take the first steps to regaining freedoms long lost.




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