Much Ado About Nothing

The new-ish Travel Ban will finally take effect on Thursday after over five months in the courts with “rights groups” (George Soros and other “activist”-funded organizations) who apparently can now decide that national security is not a Constitutional mandate given the president.

Needless to say this travel ban was not something that Trump came up with on his own, indeed, it was modeled only under the ‘regime’ of former president Obama with his previous Iraq Visa ban and the countries listed being suggested for a limitation of “refugees” to be allowed into the U.S. as a basis for this 90 day “ban.”

So, what’s going to happen? Not much. For only 90 days, which is far too short, the travel ban is aimed at six (too few) Middle-East and north African countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, that will supposedly help the federal government figure out the best way to vet incoming “refugees” (e.g. military aged Muslim men) before the ban is lifted.

The problem?

That most of these countries have no system in place that would even be able to verify if a person is who they say they are, and many don’t even issue visas! This “ban” probably won’t change much from what’s already been going on for, what, the last few years? Letting in countless, nameless people (often under stolen or false identities) “seeking asylum” from countries where terrorism is bred. There is no possible way to see how this could have a good outcome.

It’s also a limited ban. People from the Middle East and elsewhere can still get into the country. For example, they can skirt borders into Saudi Arabia or Turkey or funnel through Europe, falsify their identity, or appear as a vetted individual with secret intentions.

Unfortunately, while you can definitely see practicing Muslim Americans that appear to be quite the tolerant people, there is no way around the political religion of Islam being a sadistic faith that wants a global Sha’ria, wants to kill the infidels (kaffirs) and thinks that women are objects to be “whipped into submission.” Not only that, the Left, who thinks that they can both support the “LGBTQ” community and the Islamic religion at the same time are apparently deluded morons when it is only Islam that mandates the stoning of gays.

Christians simply don’t do crazy things like that, nor does Christianity (or any other religion except Islam) mandate such insane ideas.

To add to the lunacy of the Left is the fact that now they think its a “Muslim ban.” Of course it is not. Despite many of the countries now supporting more believers in Islam, the ban does not necessarily target any religion; as stated, the ban still allows religiously persecuted individuals to apply for asylum. Muslims in those countries are not being persecuted however, therefore it is understandable that Muslims will be the vast majority of those having to stay “behind.”

Yet, can we wantonly allow anyone and everyone into this country for fear of political correctness?At which point does your “religion” turn into “terrorism?” (Terrorism Definition: The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.Oxford English Dictionary)

We’ve been allowing this for too long, and despite any crackpot bigot who is nutty enough to “enact revenge” for no apparent reason, there exists the explicit possibility (or probability) that terrorist sleeper cells and individuals already exist within our borders.

They probably exist in the so-called, and rather unlawful use of home rule called “sanctuary cities.” Of course, thats just what we need, illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers (e.g. military aged Muslim men) running around taking over cities and towns and, as Germany is facing, coming into a country and “breeding with all the women to spread Sha’ria.” How about around our wide-open southern border? Yep.

And [sic] while it’s bad enough making a statement about Islam being bad, don’t dare speak it in a place like Sweden. The Muslim “refugees” doing the raping and pillaging aren’t the lawbreakers, and you don’t have freedom of speech.

So, in essence, this “travel ban” that will only last three months, won’t do much except to aggravate the insane Leftist Communists that don’t believe in common sense or a nation having such a thing as borders. It really seems that all the people making insane arguments must hate Amerika to make those arguments and are making them with much ado about nothing.

It seems to me that we really need to just close our borders until we can figure this whole thing out–but that’ll take awhile to convince enough people, and I can’t see it happening any time soon.

On this Independence Day, we can all feel a little less independent, but of course we can surely see that it’s the patriotic thing to do… That is, until the nation’s taken over by stealth until you don’t recognize it.

Go ahead, enjoy your steak on the 4th. Be proud, for now, that it isn’t halal.


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