The President Is Brilliant—And The Left Hates It!

Sam Ludtman, 7/2/2017

The President is ten steps ahead. All you have to do is look at the brilliance of his strategy on the Russia ordeal when he placed the doubt in the Left and now former FBI Director James Comey’s collective minds when he said that there “may or may not be tapes,” in a reference to the questioning of POTUS concerning Russian collusion, that conveniently were held off the record behind closed doors.

It’s truly a magnificent move on Trumps’ part to put Comey and the Left on notice in that he knows what they’re trying to do to him by attempting to overthrow his seat in the White House; Trump quickly established a sort of control on the narrative that they’ve spun into the realm of “fake news” and big “nothing burgers”—by keeping them ultimately accountable and truthful with countering statements made to make them squirm.

Without Trump making such bold and seemingly “irresponsible” statements (to his bashers), especially via Twitter where he gets the best play and most direct route to the nation and the world, our President would be in a bad way. We must realize that a President coming under fire like he has been over this farce of fake news must respond to such aggregious allegations. What he says could very well be stating what’s true—and we surely know that the truth shall set you free. POTUS knows this.

You have a radical element, the so-called “Deep State” that is working against him. Media collusion and the whole nine yards. Yet, we have a man who could very well indeed be some sort of genius using his business sense and charisma to his own effect. Beyond the simple high-school level speeches preaching to the “masses” who put him in office, is a man who may truly be playing 4D chess.

We can take a look at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas’ independent undercover reporting on CNN and their “fake news” to find what we’re looking for, in how the Left thinks and to the lengths they will go to trash Trumps presidency and usher Communism into Amerika. A CNN producer insisting that the vast majority of the staff at CNN calls the Trump/Russia debacle bullshit. Van Jones, CNN contributor and notorious Leftist agitprop called the deal a “big nothing burger.”

Yet, if we wanted to dig a little deeper, as I pointed out in an article last week, that it’s the Clinton’s who really have the Russia ties. They made millions upon millions on uranium deals with Russian corporations and back door financing, even while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Of course, what about when Billy-boy met former Obama White House Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of Sky Harbor in Phoenix, Arizona to, discuss what, nobody knows—but we can more than certainly learn what the meeting was about by understanding that at that same time when then FBI Director Comey was “looking into” pursuing an investigation into the Clinton email scandal, that news was soon forgotten when, luckily for the Left, the Presidential race became heated and overtaken by “news of Russian hacking and collusion” with the Trump camp.

How convenient.

Not that it much mattered.

The Left, or the “deep State” really don’t know with whom they’re dealing. Plus all the angry, pissed off gun-toting Americans that may just relish the chance to use them if they decide to pop something big. Be warned, they are trying to do that already—and know, that we won’t fire first—and we’ll wait with deadly accuracy until we can see the whites of their eyes.

Too radical? Perhaps.

Just know that we made a very good choice for a President and anyone who doesn’t understand what people are mad about—education, health care, taxes, fake news, the propaganda media, et. al.–is probably a lunatic that wants to see America crash and burn.

Luckily, though he’s far from perfect, and in my opinion objectionable on some issues, we’ve got a brilliant man leading the country. Be vigilant in this dire time, and pray for America.


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