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TheMuddyOtterLogo2016-1bySamLudtman08032016We’re looking to the near future in becoming a voice of libertarian and alternatively minded folk in Marietta, Washington County Ohio and beyond!

Our mission is to provide a board for local voices, sounding off their opinion and writing the news in a different, freedom minded, and minimalist-government way, no matter what the focus is: local, state, national or global. We’ll print it here.

The first edition of The Muddy Otter is coming soon, so stay tuned. In the mean time, please read and share our first special report on the Devola water issue in Washington County.

Why The (River) Otter?

The (North American river) otter is a semblance of a dying species, threatened by mans ignorance. It is this ignorance that leads men astray of values and principles, liberty and freedom.

Libertarians view conservation not only as an act of physical preservation and protection, but also the ability of the individual acting with his fellow man and woman to protect something worthwhile–without a need for government to get in the way.

It is in this line that the otter symbolizes a threatened view and way of life for those that love freedom and wish to simply be left alone. The otter is a tough animal, but it is not impervious to destruction by predators.

The love of living without government and without an encroaching police and surveillance state is a dwindling narrative for the human species. Like the otter, we’re a breed headed toward extinction–unless we speak out! HERE, WE SPEAK LOUD!

You may also know that our otter has a sidearm. Though it is necessary to practice the non-aggression principle, it is not like us to not fight back. Being civil and loving thy neighbor does not mean pacifism, especially in the cross-hairs of danger. In other words, we do not go kindly into that good night. Gun control to us means, that if there’s a gun, we want to control it–not be disarmed. The old adage goes: God made man, but Sam Colt made man equal. Though it has its rough edges, the saying’s pretty much right.

*To clarify, we are not affiliated with the Libertarian Party or any other organization–the use of the word Libertarian is widely meant to describe the principles of freedom which all people should enjoy, away from a too big and aggressive government. It is not our intention to put dividers up against our more left leaning friends or those who may still believe a big government is necessary. Take a look around. If you love freedom, then we hope you’ll like The Muddy Otter.


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