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The Muddy Otter Advertisement Plans

Would you like to become visible to a new targeted audience of freedom oriented people? Have a product you’d like to promote and sell? Look to The Muddy Otter to help you become visible to an expanding audience. Grow with us!

Ad Space For Rent:

Please contact us at to find out availability.

Main Page –

On the main/home page we offer a recurring top blog post ad (appears as a sticky blog post in the top of the main page posting index) in which your advertisement can appear front and center to all visitors. We are offering this ad space for $500.00/month or a special price of 15% Off for pre-paid full year ($500×12 Mo.=$6000.00-15%=$5100.00/Yr.)

This ad is special! Not only is it visible on the home page, but when clicked, it goes to its own “blog post.” In the blog post, it is possible to insert a short message and ad photo with links out to your website or product.

Side Bar –

Prime ad space is available in the side bar and is available on all successive pages and blog posts, except for the main page. The price and size (approximate) are as follows:

1-Prime – 400×600 – $300/Mo.

2-Prime – 400×600 – $275/Mo.

1-Sidebar – 400×400 – $250/Mo.

2-Sidebar – 400×400 – $225/Mo.

3-Sidebar – 400×400 – $200/Mo.

1-Low Side – 400×200 – $175/Mo.

2-Low Side – 400×200 – $150/Mo.

3 – $150/Mo.

4 – $150/Mo.

5 – $150/Mo.

+ We can add more below if you wish to run them. Each ad below Low Side Space 5 is $125/Mo.

All advertisements are clickable out to a respective link that you provide to us.

***These are static graphical advertisements and, at this time, we are unable to implement movable objects or Java.***

Ask us about special time lengths for running your ads. Need to run a flash campaign ad on our site promoting timely deals? Ask us for availability and rates.

*(One Month=4-7 Day Weeks/28 Days)

Target Audience

Our projected target audience is a largely male-oriented base between the ages of 24 and 40, with segments of female audience throughout, usually 30+ years, with strong blue and white collar backgrounds whom tend to lean right on a mainstream political spectrum and whom focus on government and political issues, as well as relevant issues pertaining to self-reliance living.

Advertisement Relevance

We request local businesses wishing to reach a broader audience targeted toward freedom minded/libertarian readers. We love any local business, but we would also like to gear our advertising toward the target audience. Please consider us no matter, but we like ads promoting the following:

Freedom-oriented and alternative news websites, books

Guns and Accessories, Hunting, Conceal Carry Courses, Tactical Training

Water purification products

Survivalist/prepping/homesteading products

Self-reliance products/topics

Long-term food storage

Solar products or services

Relocation real estate or services

Any local, regional, or national business is welcome!!! Contact us today!

Advertising Process

You can provide us with a ready made graphic to use as an advertisement on The Muddy Otter website or you may consult with us on in house graphic design with words/photos or graphics of your choice. Your provided or chosen graphic will then be placed in the correct ad space you’ve rented.

Traffic Estimates/Our Visibility

The Muddy Otter is hoping to reach a broad local and regional audience, with at least 500 unique visitors (likely recurring day to day) per day, through local advertising efforts by us through competing newspapers or online sites (i.e., The Marietta Times, The Parkersburg News-Sentinel &, as well as word-of-mouth, external social media referrals (ping-backs), ads in The Bulletin Board Classified Ad paper, and possible posters placed in a locally targeted area.


The Muddy Otter currently has no metrics to explain. All numbers are estimates. Coming Soon.

Competition Traffic

The nearest local news competitor is the Marietta Times ( which, according to metrics provided by SimilarWeb, count approximately 1,600 visits per day (unique is not specified), with over 53,000 visits in July 2016., the premier television web portal for the Mid-Ohio Valley sees nearly 8,000 visitors per day (unique is not specified), and over 245,000 visitors per month (July 2016, SimilarWeb)

With any luck, The Muddy Otter hopes to achieve at least half (5-700/visitors/day) of the traffic and visibility of the Marietta Times within a short time through initial campaigning and occasional ad buying elsewhere. Through visibility at the Times and The News Center, as well as others, we hope to expand our reach to directly compete in daily/monthly traffic with the Marietta Times.


We currently accept payment for ad space through Payza or cash. Payment terms upon sale.

Web Mail Campaigning

The Muddy Otter is using MailChimp to provide direct email campaigns and news alerts to subscribers through a main page pop-up advertisement and subscriber page, free of charge. We sell no outside advertising space in our emails at this time.

Online Store

Coming Soon! An opportunity to sell products online to help fund the magazine.


We will be accepting donations from readers and others through Payza in which we can accept physical and cryptocurrency.


Thank you for considering The Muddy Otter for your advertising needs!


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